About Us

Wheel Out At 9We’re a group of mountain bikers who enjoy all the different types of trails the tri-state area has to offer.  The more technical, the more fun!

We ride almost exclusively single speeds and enjoy a good pace as much as a super challenging section of trail.  Each rider is comparable in speed and skill though everyone seems to have a particular strength which allows all of us to continually become better riders.  Our motto is “Ride and Laugh” which shows how much fun we have riding together or grabbing a beer (or coffee) after our rides.

Ws09 stands for “Wheels out at 9am” which is our riding time every Sunday morning.  Sure, there’s other rides but by having a built in ride time every week we have something to look forward to.  Our Sunday ride is our big ride for the week and we rotate riding destinations. Any trail system around an hour’s drive is game!

Members include:

Tom Durofchalk
Dan Fields
Rich Futterer
Gary Johnson
Omar Munoz
Fran Murphy
Ed Murphy
Graham Pratt
Chris Puff
Sage Thompson

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